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Patent NumberTitle
9,215,327 Methods and apparatuses for multi-channel acoustic echo cancelation
9,215,303 Case for a tablet shaped device and a method for making the case
9,214,632 Manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method of lighting device
9,214,152 Ultrasound probe with an acoustical lens
9,214,149 Transducer and system of arrangement for a panel array
9,214,146 Electronic musical instruments using mouthpieces and FSR sensors
9,214,145 Electronic musical instrument to generate musical tones to imitate a stringed instrument
9,214,144 System and method for generating song transitions using measure groupings
9,214,142 Free floating integrated lug bridge
9,214,141 Stand and cradle for double bass and cello
9,214,140 Guitar tuning and string attachment system
9,212,848 Apparatus, system, and method for storage in a refrigerated appliance
9,212,844 Drain hose assembly and refrigerator including the same
9,212,843 Custom bin interface
9,212,842 Cooler carrier
9,212,837 Adsorption-type heat pump using seat valve and information processing system
9,212,826 Method and apparatus for climatic conditioning of space within a building structure
9,212,677 Blind hole anchor, cable tie and method of securing an anchor in a blind hole
9,212,452 Ironing board
9,212,450 Condensation dryer comprising a heat pump and method for operating the same
9,212,449 Structural door bowl for a household appliance door
9,212,448 Household appliance, in particular a household dishwashing machine
9,212,446 Laundry machine and washing method with steam for the same
9,212,445 Method and apparatus for controlling the liquid filling in a laundry treating appliance
9,212,444 Automatic temperature control for a laundry treating appliance
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