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Patent NumberTitle
9,214,100 Identification mat for identifying electrical components, and method for manufacturing such an identification mat
9,214,072 Gaming system and method providing a slot game having a surrounded symbol award evaluation
9,214,071 Gaming machine having enhanced bonus game play schemes
9,214,070 Gaming machine conducting indication effect
9,214,069 Gaming machine and method of providing an electronic game
9,214,067 Gaming system and method for providing a streaming symbols game
9,214,063 System and method of revealing the outcomes of real world wagers through escalating reveals
9,214,060 Gaming center allowing switching between games based upon historical results
9,214,058 System gaming
9,214,057 System gaming
9,214,055 Video extension library system and method
9,214,017 Coffee machine and brewing assembly for a coffee machine
9,212,847 Refrigerator having vegetable storage container
9,212,846 Refrigerator
9,212,845 Casing of outdoor unit in air conditioning device
9,212,827 Flow heaters
9,212,694 Linear guide
9,212,518 Control device for shades
9,212,497 Portable and collapsible pool chair
9,212,475 Self disinfecting drain trap
9,212,019 Modular greeting card rack
9,211,982 Closure device and corresponding container
9,211,952 Folding table system with removable extension and rigidification element, and aircraft including such a system
9,211,951 Systems and apparatus for tether termination mount for tethered aerial vehicles
9,211,825 Conveyance seat
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