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Patent NumberTitle
9,214,891 Clamp assembly
9,214,816 System and method for subsea power distribution network
9,214,148 Acoustic structure
9,213,366 Hinge mechanism with multiple rotating axes and electronic device therewith
9,212,835 Heating and cooling system utilizing a water source heat pump and a swimming pool
9,212,833 Power grip button
9,212,832 Photovoltaic systems, methods for installing photovoltaic systems, and kits for installing photovoltaic systems
9,212,778 Apparatus and method for positioning connection equipment on a drilling rig
9,212,767 Method and apparatus for anchoring an elongate subsea structure to a termination and a filler material therefor
9,212,554 Interchangeable holder system for a chisel
9,212,553 Dirt and rock cutting bit tool
9,212,552 Device and method for driving tunnels, galleries or the like
9,212,550 Sampler chamber assembly and methods
9,212,549 Regulation-compliant holding device for storing or transporting a non-compliant container
9,212,548 Equipment and methods for determining waiting-on-cement time in a subterranean well
9,212,547 Monitoring device for plug assembly
9,212,546 Apparatuses and methods for obtaining at-bit measurements for an earth-boring drilling tool
9,212,545 Use of tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methane derivatives for tertiary mineral oil production
9,212,544 Apparatus and method for preventing damage to a downhole pump impeller
9,212,543 Apparatus and methods for conducting well-related fluids
9,212,542 Expandable tubing run through production tubing and into open hole
9,212,541 System and apparatus for well screening including a foam layer
9,212,540 Wellbore fluid treatment and method
9,212,539 Gravel packer assembly and method
9,212,537 Coatings for wellbore tools, components having such coatings, and related methods
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