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Patent NumberTitle
9,271,436 Electronic packaged device and manufacturing method thereof
9,271,435 Miniature microphone, protection frame thereof and method for manufacturing the same
9,271,434 Method of manufacturing an electronic component
9,271,433 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
9,271,432 Power conversion device with reduced noise source current, reduced high frequency current and reduced resonance current
9,271,431 Electronic device having connector with integrated shielding
9,271,430 Flexible electronic circuit enclosure assembly
9,271,429 Cooling device, cooling system, and auxiliary cooling device for datacenter
9,271,428 Cooling host module
9,271,427 Flexible thermal transfer strips
9,271,426 Radiator, electronic apparatus and cooling apparatus
9,271,425 Industrial server system
9,271,424 Base or mounting frame for an electrical enclosure or a rack
9,271,423 Power distribution unit and method of distributing high density power
9,271,422 Drive apparatus
9,271,421 Adapter for arc resistant motor control center
9,271,420 Modular power device
9,271,419 Modular power device
9,271,418 Electronic module
9,271,417 Electronic component mounting method
9,271,416 Canopy for portable electrical device
9,271,415 Rotational lockout
9,271,414 Housing with extended creep and air-stretch
9,271,413 Shelter for portable electrical inlets/outlets
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