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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Transport

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,760 Transparent pane with electrically conductive coating
9,215,273 Apparatus for enabling delivery and access of applications and interactive services
9,214,777 Landing gear electrical swivel
9,214,022 Enhanced accuracy for tracking tethered airborne vehicles
9,213,354 Pedal with active release
9,213,334 Runway traction estimation and reporting system
9,212,892 Steering angle sensor
9,212,809 Photoluminescent dynamic lighting
9,212,797 Vehicle-tire chock having a light-emitting portion
9,212,792 Systems, methods, and devices providing a quick-release mechanism for a modular LED light engine
9,212,742 Controller and control method of belt-type continuously variable transmission
9,212,740 Shift device
9,212,734 Transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle
9,212,627 Diesel engine water in fuel separator and reservoir automatic drain system and control strategy
9,212,607 Intermediate structure for independently de-mountable propulsion components
9,212,520 End guide for cord attachment device
9,212,466 Construction machine
9,212,272 Organic colouring agents and coloured polymer compositions with a high stability to weathering
9,212,036 Industrial truck
9,212,034 Selectively engageable chain wildcat
9,211,960 System and method for attaching thermal protection, insulation and secondary structures to sandwich structures
9,211,959 UAV launching from moving platform
9,211,955 Methods and apparatus for supporting engines and nacelles relative to aircraft wings
9,211,954 Air supply system of an aircraft and method for mixing two air streams in an air supply system
9,211,949 Aircraft wheel with a universal drive dog
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