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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Thermal processes and apparatus

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,371 Thermal treatment apparatus and thermal treatment method
9,214,367 Apparatus and method for the thermal treatment of substrates
9,213,342 Wireless control of a heating or cooling unit
9,212,854 Plate and gasket for a plate heat exchanger
9,212,853 Cooler
9,212,852 Support mechanism for a heat exchanger in an air-conditioning system
9,212,851 Multi resolution, hierarchical radiance field estimation
9,212,841 Refrigerator
9,212,840 Apparatus for pelletizing ice within a refrigerator
9,212,838 Cooling device for vehicles and method for controlling and/or regulating a cooling device
9,212,836 Heat exchanger
9,212,834 System and method for liquid-suction heat exchange thermal energy storage
9,212,831 Support module for a solar collector having a triangular substructure
9,212,830 Method and system for optimizing and protecting solar panels
9,212,829 Solar heat collector with internal focal points
9,212,828 Epicatalytic thermal diode
9,212,825 Air conditioner
9,212,820 Furnace burner box
9,212,819 Swirled fuel injection
9,212,818 Displacement method for the production of a burner fabric membrane for a cool flame base
9,212,817 Low NO
9,212,816 Economizer arrangement for steam generator
9,212,751 Valve system and method
9,211,029 Electric grill pan device with a separate power connection
9,207,025 Methods for promoting nucleate boiling
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