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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Textile and paper machines

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,836 Printed circuit board production apparatus and printing machine
9,213,987 Invoice amount calculation method, invoice amount calculation device, and printer invoicing system
9,213,287 Document registration using registration error model
9,212,706 Retrofit assembly and method for installing a hydraulic drive motor to a pressurized vessel
9,212,453 Paper and methods of making paper
9,212,439 Threader for overlock machine
9,212,438 Sewing machine and upper feed device
9,212,436 Method of easy production of nonwoven fabric having at least one projection and at least one recess, and method of easy processing of nonwoven fabric
9,212,435 Pulp and fibrillated fiber composite
9,212,434 Blend of lyocell and flame resistant fibers for protective garments
9,212,432 Polypropylene spunbond fibers and methods for making same
9,212,236 Polyacrylonitrile-based polymer solution, preparing method of the same, carbon fiber precursor, manufacturing method of the same and manufacturing method of carbon fiber using the same
9,211,980 Microfluidic delivery system for releasing fluid compositions
9,211,755 Printing table assembly, method for operating a printing table assembly
9,211,754 Stamp and associated stamp pad
9,211,753 Electronic printing device in the form of a hand stamp
9,211,752 Tape cassette
9,211,751 Media-tracking system using marking laser
9,211,750 Liquid ejection apparatus
9,211,749 Ink jet printing apparatus
9,211,748 Printing apparatus and calibration method
9,211,747 System for measuring ribbon tension
9,211,746 Hybrid printer for printing on non-porous media
9,211,745 Image erasing apparatus and image forming apparatus
9,211,744 Media processing device with enhanced media and ribbon loading and unloading features
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