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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Other special machines

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,590 High fidelity nano-structures and arrays for photovoltaics and methods of making the same
9,214,559 Graphene-transferring member, graphene transferrer, method of transferring graphene, and methods of fabricating graphene device by using the same
9,214,446 Method of manufacturing optical module
9,212,880 System for steering a flying object using pairs of lateral nozzles
9,212,879 Firearm cleaning shell
9,212,878 Composite projectile and cartridge with composite projectile
9,212,877 Retention system for a deployable projectile fin
9,212,876 Large caliber frangible projectile
9,212,875 Nock bushing
9,212,874 Self centering spin nock
9,212,873 Second cut arrow shaft extension
9,212,872 Threat simulating system
9,212,871 Barrier
9,212,870 Guidance method and apparatus
9,212,867 Handgun automatic sighting system
9,212,866 Optical diffraction alignment lens
9,212,865 Hinged hand guard
9,212,864 Paintball loader
9,212,863 Toy projectile system and method that utilizes bi-stable ribbon spring projectiles
9,212,862 Crossbow
9,212,861 Feedback-controlled re-targeting apparatus for automatic firearm
9,212,860 Firearm rifling
9,212,859 Self-raising magazine loader
9,212,858 Non-detachable magazine
9,212,857 Firearm magazine with round counting circuit
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