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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Mechanical elements

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,816 Stand assembly and electronic apparatus
9,213,339 Fluid regulator having improved flow stability
9,213,160 Adjustable trough-couplers
9,212,821 Systems and methods for controlling multistage electronic controlled gas valves
9,212,787 Leak-detecting shut-off device
9,212,784 Medical gas cylinder coupling system
9,212,783 Method and system for tank refilling
9,212,782 Cryostat radiation shield with joining conduit supplied with vented cryogen gas
9,212,781 Fluid divider block suitable for use at high pressures
9,212,777 Quick clamping device
9,212,776 Method and apparatus for installation and repair of insulated line pipes
9,212,775 Valve, pipe and pipe component repair
9,212,774 Connector for fuel tank
9,212,773 Connector
9,212,772 Needle free connector
9,212,771 Connector for high pressure reinforced rubber hose
9,212,770 Method and apparatus for attaching flange portions to ducts
9,212,769 Clamp having joggles
9,212,768 Coupling with uniform circumferential tightening
9,212,764 Device for attaching an electrical harness in an aircraft
9,212,763 Assembly for transporting liquid via pipes and associated floating structure
9,212,762 Multi-port stopcock valve and flow designating system
9,212,761 Security device
9,212,760 Rotary actuator interface and method
9,212,759 Ventil
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