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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Machine tools

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,368 Laser diode array with fiber optic termination for surface treatment of materials
9,214,346 Apparatus and method to reduce particles in advanced anneal process
9,214,315 Temperature control in plasma processing apparatus using pulsed heat transfer fluid flow
9,212,407 Soldering process
9,212,097 Molten grains of alumina-zirconia
9,212,081 Methods of cutting a laminate strengthened glass substrate
9,212,080 Glass film cleaving method and glass film laminate
9,211,964 Unloading system
9,211,832 Salvage hold down attachment for excavators
9,211,707 Method for manufacturing inkjet recording head
9,211,652 Apparatus and method for producing layered mats
9,211,651 Slicing guide
9,211,650 Power operated rotary knife
9,211,649 Knife with folding guard
9,211,639 Hand-held power tool
9,211,638 Resilient ring-shaped clip installation method and apparatus
9,211,637 Apparatus for rapid installation of threaded fasteners
9,211,636 Power tool having rotary input control
9,211,635 Self-adjusting bar clamp
9,211,634 Abrasive articles including abrasive particles bonded to an elongated substrate body having a barrier layer, and methods of forming thereof
9,211,633 Metal-bonded diamond grinding wheel prepared by self-propagating pressure-less sintering and a preparation method thereof
9,211,632 Waterproof sander
9,211,631 Grinding wheel truing tool and manufacturing method thereof, and truing apparatus, method for manufacturing grinding wheel and wafer edge grinding apparatus using the same
9,211,630 Grinding machine control method and control system employing the method
9,211,629 Polishing apparatus
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