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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Handling

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,054 Driving device for vending machine
9,214,053 Automatic vending machine
9,214,047 Equipment for the storing of values in sack and respective method for the account and transport of the stored values
9,213,367 Kit for shipping an electrical cabinet
9,212,839 Portable insulated ice dispenser
9,212,456 Automatic rail fastener orienter
9,212,343 Apparatus and method for aging liquids
9,212,043 System for dispensing fuel from a fuel pump and related device
9,212,042 Apparatus and method for dispensing liquids using a table to determine dispense time
9,212,041 Wireless control system for dispensing beverages from a bottle
9,212,040 Beverage dispense valve controlled by wireless technology
9,212,035 Air-compressing automotive jack apparatus
9,212,033 Extruded drum surface for storage of tether
9,212,032 Extruded drum surface for storage of tether
9,212,030 Method of selecting energy settings for transportation systems
9,212,029 Traction sheave elevator
9,212,028 Obstruction sensor system and method for elevator entry and exit
9,212,027 Gate system for residential elevators
9,212,026 Lifting platform and method for setting up a lifting platform
9,212,025 Kit for the guide of a stairlift
9,212,024 Webbing retractor
9,212,023 Webbing take-up device
9,212,022 Mandrel for stretch film rolls
9,212,021 Winding cores for material rolls having high roll strain energy, and method for making same
9,212,020 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
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