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Recent Patents in Mechanical engineering / Engines, pumps, turbines

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,840 Fan motor, on-vehicle air conditioner using the fan motor, and method for assembling fan motor
9,214,688 Fuel cell system
9,214,248 Capture and removal of radioactive species from an aqueous solution
9,214,247 Water filling system for reactor water level gauge
9,214,246 System and method for operating a modular nuclear fission deflagration wave reactor
9,213,005 X-ray anti-scatter grid
9,212,971 Oxygen sensor regeneration
9,212,970 Laser ignition system based diagnostics
9,212,823 Systems and methods for suppressing combustion driven pressure fluctuations with a premix combustor having multiple premix times
9,212,822 Fuel injection assembly for use in turbine engines and method of assembling same
9,212,780 Control valve
9,212,757 Device for activating a passive ejector valve for pressurising a turbojet engine chamber for an aircraft
9,212,669 Pneumatic evacuation pump
9,212,668 Fan device
9,212,667 Variable-speed oil-free refrigerant centrifugal compressor with variable geometry diffuser
9,212,666 Annular casing for a turbine engine compressor
9,212,664 RPM controller using drive profiles
9,212,663 All-supersonic ducted fan for propelling aircraft at high subsonic speeds
9,212,662 Check valve for an engine vacuum pump
9,212,661 Electric compressor with the stator coils coated with resin, the resin having openings exposing the coils to the interior of the housing
9,212,660 Vane pump apparatus and method
9,212,659 Apparatus for sealing a pump chamber of a rotary lobe pump, and a rotary lobe pump having said apparatus
9,212,657 Ultra high pressure pump with an alternating rotation to linear displacement mechanism
9,212,656 Piston-to-shoe interface lubrication method
9,212,655 Pump aggregate
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