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Recent Patents in Instruments / Optics

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,815 Display apparatus and television receiving apparatus
9,215,806 Monitor and working vehicle provided with the monitor
9,215,451 Liquid crystal display and method for generating 3D images by matching a software optical grating
9,215,432 Systems and methods for calibrating and aligning displays
9,215,431 Image processing apparatus, projector and control method of projector
9,215,009 Light output control apparatus
9,214,789 Semiconductor light emitting element
9,214,788 Semiconductor light emitting element
9,214,787 III-V photonic crystal microlaser bonded on silicon-on-insulator
9,214,786 Diode laser packages with flared laser oscillator waveguides
9,214,785 Semiconductor laser light source having an edge-emitting semiconductor body
9,214,784 Laser device
9,214,781 Fiber amplifier system for suppression of modal instabilities and method
9,214,780 Aerosol Laser
9,214,756 Connector, connector manufacturing method, and method for connecting wire harness and wiring materials to member to be connected
9,214,711 Twist septum polarization rotator
9,214,608 Luminescence diode arrangement, backlighting device and display device
9,214,602 Chip unit with protrusions for interlocking mechanism and method for manufacturing the same
9,214,598 Pixel structure of a liquid crystal display panel and pixel forming method thereof
9,214,483 Thin-film-transistor array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
9,214,401 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
9,214,345 Film-forming composition and ion implantation method
9,214,125 Display device and electronic apparatus
9,213,924 Apparatus for printing colored and white toner
9,213,875 System and method for automatically modeling symbology data in a symbology reader
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