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Recent Patents in Instruments / Medical technology

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,790 Formation of multiple proton beams using particle accelerator and stripper elements
9,215,788 System and method for treating biological tissue with a plasma gas discharge
9,215,366 Endoscope system, control method, and imaging device
9,215,298 Patient controlled brain repair system and method of use
9,214,249 Multi-leaf collimators
9,214,150 Continuous adaptation of secondary path adaptive response in noise-canceling personal audio devices
9,214,023 Determination of regions of an analytical image that are subject to vital movement
9,213,801 Multi-resolution graphical display for feedback on chest compression depth
9,213,341 Biological safety cabinet with a falling-film evaporator
9,213,108 Photon counting type image detector, X-ray diagnosis apparatus and X-ray computed tomography apparatus
9,213,074 Stem and method for acquiring MRI data from bone and soft tissues
9,212,981 Feedback system and method for assessing fixation and stability of implantable leads
9,212,385 Fluorinated resorufin compounds and their application
9,211,988 Packaging for gummy substratum
9,211,657 Surgical tissue sealer
9,211,608 Laser welding of disc to close needle end
9,211,486 Reduced-pressure, liquid-collection canister with multi-orientation filter
9,211,423 Radiotherapy treatment device comprising image acquisition device and irradiation device, and radiotherapy method
9,211,422 Accelerated partial breast irradiation with shielded brachytherapy applicator system and method of use
9,211,421 Infant warming assembly with radiant heater and heater surface temperature sensor
9,211,419 Treatments of disease or disorders using nanoparticles for focused hyperthermia to increase therapy efficacy
9,211,418 Position-determining external charger for an implantable medical device
9,211,417 Movement disorder therapy system, devices and methods, and intelligent methods of tuning
9,211,416 Charging system for an implantable medical device employing magnetic and electric fields
9,211,415 Phrenic nerve stimulation detection with posture sensing
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