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Recent Patents in Instruments / Measurement

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,705 Method and apparatus for monitoring control channel in wireless communication system
9,215,701 Random access channel enhancements for LTE devices
9,215,672 Method for controlling transmission power, and apparatus for same
9,215,566 Real time travel director
9,215,562 Method and apparatus for optimized indoor position estimation
9,215,515 Apparatus and method for observing physical phenomenon in ocean and atmosphere
9,215,166 Systems and methods of multicast reconfiguration using cross-layer information
9,215,133 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for detecting orphan Sy or Rx sessions using audit messages with fake parameter values
9,215,000 Antenna switching system with adaptive switching criteria
9,214,937 Inductive proximity sensor
9,214,936 Non-contact sensing module and method of manufacturing the same
9,214,753 Connector for biological information measurement, and biological information measurement device using same
9,214,718 Methods for characterizing tunable radio-frequency elements
9,214,703 Secondary cell and method for testing secondary cell
9,214,486 Imaging device and imaging apparatus generating image information for each of plural pixels from received light
9,214,449 Reconfigurable connections for stacked semiconductor devices
9,214,324 Analysis device and analysis method
9,214,311 Method and apparatus for transmission of fluorescence X-ray radiation using a multilayer X-ray target
9,214,198 Continuous capacitor health monitoring and power supply system
9,214,106 Photo sensor, display device including the same and driving method thereof
9,214,105 Display panel and testing method thereof
9,214,033 Map display system and method
9,213,994 Systems and methods for quantifying flood risk
9,213,889 Athlete speed prediction method using data from attached inertial measurement unit
9,213,614 Method for testing a software application
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