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Recent Patents in Instruments / Control

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,556 System and method for determining the location of wireless sensors
9,215,394 System and method for optimized appliance control
9,215,346 Image forming apparatus
9,214,882 Control device and method for determining the rotor angle of a synchronous machine
9,214,873 Method for operating an electrical power rectifier, as well as an electrical power rectifier
9,214,865 Voltage compatible charge pump buck and buck power supplies
9,214,860 Comparator multiplexing LDO and converted output to DC-DC converter circuitry
9,214,858 Intermediate bus architecture power supply controller
9,214,854 Total harmonic current distortion control circuit and method thereof
9,214,274 Method and apparatus for transmitting signals between a wall and a leaf fastened to this wall using hinges around a hinge axis
9,214,143 Association of a note event characteristic
9,214,102 Rapidly rechargeable warning device
9,214,099 Map data, map data production method, storage medium and navigation apparatus
9,214,096 System and method for seizure simulation in health training mannequin
9,214,095 Surgical simulation model generating method, surgical simulation method, and surgical simulator
9,214,094 Methods and apparatuses for emergency notifications to the hearing impaired
9,214,092 Minimizing coriolis-tumbling intensity in a centrifuge-based-flight simulator
9,214,091 Digital content and assessment delivery
9,214,090 Computer systems for capturing student performance
9,214,089 Aircraft capable of hovering, aircraft maneuvering assist method, and interface
9,214,088 Obstacle information system of a helicopter
9,214,087 Device for assisting aircraft crew when performing flight level changes
9,214,086 Vehicle to vehicle wireless communication apparatus with potential crash warning
9,214,085 Vehicle gateway device
9,214,084 Smart traffic sign system and method
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