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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Telecommunications

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,746 Systems and methods for dynamically controlling active-to-dormant timers in radio access networks
9,215,744 Discontinuous transmission for a mobile phone network node
9,215,739 Method for pairing users of wireless mobile communication device and server thereof
9,215,738 Network communication system and terminal
9,215,737 Method and apparatus for managing connection identification in pairing
9,215,735 Systems and methods for initiating communications with contacts based on a communication specification
9,215,734 System and method for managing emergency requests
9,215,733 Communication terminal device, base station device and radio communication method
9,215,731 Method and apparatus for transfer of a message on a common control channel for random access in a wireless communication network
9,215,730 Method for transmitting the PDCCH signal
9,215,726 Low latency wireless messaging
9,215,725 Adjusting channel state information reports to improve multi-radio coexistence
9,215,715 Dynamic spectrum allocation method, central control unit, base station and spectrum allocation system
9,215,708 Method and apparatus for multi-network communication
9,215,706 Radio communication system, radio base station, and communication control method for interference reduction
9,215,696 System and method for uplink timing synchronization in conjunction with discontinous reception
9,215,690 Method and a base station for prioritizing mobile terminals
9,215,689 Method and apparatus for resolving call collisions in a digital conventional direct mode
9,215,686 Wireless device, measuring node, network node, methods therein, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
9,215,683 Controller and method of controlling multiple identities of a mobile device
9,215,679 Air-interface timing synchronization sharing
9,215,678 Timing advance timer configuration in a wireless device and a base station
9,215,674 Method for selecting transport format in uplink multiple-input multiple-output system and related method and device
9,215,670 Communication device, transmission power control method, and program
9,215,667 Device and method for transmit power control
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