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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Semiconductors

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,809 Contact bumps methods of making contact bumps
9,215,793 System and method for connecting LED devices
9,215,762 Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
9,215,520 Multi-function synthetic jet and method of manufacturing same
9,215,388 Solid-state imaging element and electronic apparatus
9,215,359 Antistatic device and electronic device with the same
9,214,932 Body-biased switching device
9,214,806 ESD protecting circuit
9,214,762 Electrical connector with mounting block for assembling contact
9,214,649 Light-emitting device
9,214,648 Light extraction substrate and organic light-emitting device having the same
9,214,647 Organic light emitting diode device
9,214,646 Display apparatus including distance separator
9,214,645 Inverted top emitting device and method for producing same
9,214,644 Active matrix dilute source enabled vertical organic light emitting transistor
9,214,643 Sealed structure, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
9,214,642 OLED device and manufacturing method thereof, display apparatus
9,214,641 Organic electroluminescence element
9,214,640 Flexible display device having flexible display substrate with bending area between display area and peripheral circuit area
9,214,639 Conductive polymer on a textured or plastic substrate
9,214,637 Chalcogen-containing aromatic compound, organic semiconductor material, and organic electronic device
9,214,636 Organic electroluminescence device
9,214,634 Organic photovoltaic cell, organic semiconductor polymer and composition for organic semiconductor material used therefor
9,214,633 Conjugated polymer, insolubilized polymer, organic electroluminescence element material, composition for organic electroluminescence element, polymer production process, organic electroluminescence element, organic EL display and organic EL lighting
9,214,630 Method of making a multicomponent film
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