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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / IT methods for management

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,331 Dual layer authentication for electronic payment request in online transactions
9,215,180 File retrieval in real-time brokering of digital content
9,215,158 Computing resource availability risk assessment using graph comparison
9,214,046 Banking system operated responsive to data bearing records
9,213,993 Investment, trading and accounting management system
9,213,992 Secure online transactions using a trusted digital identity
9,213,991 Re-Ranking item recommendations based on image feature data
9,213,990 Method of reducing financial fraud by user devices patronizing commercial websites
9,213,989 Product catalog dynamically tailored to user-selected media content
9,213,988 Electronic commerce infrastructure system
9,213,977 Authentication of a data card using a transit verification value
9,213,974 Remote revocation of application access based on non-co-location of a transaction vehicle and a mobile device
9,213,973 Car wallet application
9,213,972 Systems and methods for fast mobile payment
9,213,971 Method and system for providing information on pre-purchase and post-purchase items using RFID and computer-readable storage media storing programs for executing the method
9,213,970 Processing of co-mingled paper correspondence
9,213,968 Systems and methods for conducting financial transactions using non-standard magstripe payment cards
9,213,967 System and method for a frame-based internet enabled user interface
9,213,966 Regulation compliant data integration for financial institutions
9,213,965 Machine, methods, and program product for electronic inventory tracking
9,213,962 Online collaboration
9,213,961 Systems and methods for generating social index scores for key term analysis and comparisons
9,213,959 Method and systems for analyzing stock differences in a supply chain
9,213,957 Computer-implemented system and method for providing just-in-time loading zone parking
9,213,956 Algorithm for predicting and mitigating adverse events
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