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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Electrical machinery, apparatus, energy

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,835 Graphene based structures and methods for shielding electromagnetic radiation
9,215,834 High-frequency signals double-layer flat cable adapter card
9,215,798 Imprinted multi-layer micro-structure method with multi-level stamp
9,215,792 Connector devices, systems, and related methods for light emitter components
9,215,787 Light device with remote function
9,215,786 Lighting apparatus
9,215,785 Network connection device based on light source
9,215,784 Networked, wireless lighting control system with distributed intelligence
9,215,783 Lighting module having surface light source and lighting system
9,215,782 Medical light source device
9,215,780 System and method for reducing peak and off-peak electricity demand by monitoring, controlling and metering lighting in a facility
9,215,779 Light switch and control device having a touch screen interface
9,215,778 Distributed street lights monitoring, command and control combined with solar photo voltaic cell
9,215,776 Lighting equipment, illumination device and light emitting module
9,215,775 Method and system for illumination management
9,215,774 Method for operating a lamp
9,215,773 Control methods and backlight controllers for light dimming
9,215,772 Systems and methods for minimizing power dissipation in a low-power lamp coupled to a trailing-edge dimmer
9,215,771 Light emitting diode driver
9,215,770 Systems and methods for low-power lamp compatibility with a trailing-edge dimmer and an electronic transformer
9,215,769 LED backlight driver system and associated method of operation
9,215,768 Self-adjusting lighting driver for driving lighting sources and lighting unit including self-adjusting lighting driver
9,215,767 Device and system for load driving
9,215,766 Drive device for light-emitting element
9,215,765 Systems and methods for low-power lamp compatibility with an electronic transformer
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