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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Computer technology

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,827 Circuit board mounting assembly
9,215,818 Electronic device and hinge structure thereof
9,215,817 Retention system for dynamic loading
9,215,748 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and communication system
9,215,548 Methods and systems for rating privacy risk of applications for smart phones and other mobile platforms
9,215,539 Sound data identification
9,215,538 Method and apparatus for audio signal classification
9,215,530 Augmented reality system
9,215,527 Multi-band integrated speech separating microphone array processor with adaptive beamforming
9,215,506 Phrase-based communication system
9,215,493 Non-real-time broadcast service processing system and processing method thereof
9,215,491 Methods, systems, and media for controlling a bi-directional HDMI port
9,215,489 Custom electronic program guides
9,215,487 Control device, image display apparatus and control method
9,215,479 System and method for real-time new event detection on video streams
9,215,472 Parallel hardware and software block processing pipelines
9,215,469 Intra-plane and inter-plane predictive method for RGB image coding
9,215,465 Spatial prediction method, image decoding method, and image coding method
9,215,464 Coding position data for the last non-zero transform coefficient in a coefficient group
9,215,443 Method for changing play mode, method for changing display mode, and display apparatus and 3D image providing system using the same
9,215,442 Devices and methods for 3-D image processing
9,215,420 Ranking search results
9,215,381 Image blurring method and apparatus, and electronic devices
9,215,345 Method and system for inverse halftoning utilizing inverse projection of predicted errors
9,215,344 Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, image forming method, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
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