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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Basic communication processes

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,498 Video data transmission processing method, video data sending processing method, apparatus, network system
9,215,115 Apparatus and method for improved integration circuitry in decision feedback equalization
9,215,113 Link training in a communication port
9,215,111 Transmission circuit for I/O interface and signal transmission method thereof
9,215,108 Decision feedback equalizer
9,215,104 Floating taps for decision feedback equalizer
9,215,102 Hypotheses generation based on multidimensional slicing
9,215,062 Low-noise flexible frequency clock generation from two fixed-frequency references
9,215,034 Signal reconstruction method and apparatus
9,215,014 Wireless transmission system, and method for determining default gain of wireless transmission system
9,214,965 Method and system for improving data integrity in non-volatile storage
9,214,964 Systems and methods for configuring product codes for error correction in a hard disk drive
9,214,963 Method and system for monitoring data channel to enable use of dynamically adjustable LDPC coding parameters in a data storage system
9,214,962 Encoding method, decoding method
9,214,960 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in communication/broadcasting system
9,214,959 Systems and methods for skip layer data decoding
9,214,958 Method and decoder for processing decoding
9,214,954 Increasing speed of data compression
9,214,953 Generalized data weighted averaging method for equally weighted multi-bit D/A elements
9,214,952 Sensor time
9,214,951 Self-calibrating VCO-based analog-to-digital converter and method thereof
9,214,950 Apparatus and method for temperature compensated gain and mismatch trim in subranging quantizers and analog to digital converters
9,214,949 Analog to digital converter having switched capacitor power supply
9,214,948 Comparator tracking control scheme with dynamic window length
9,214,947 Phase-lock in all-digital phase-locked loops
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