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Recent Patents in Electrical engineering / Audio-visual technology

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,833 Electronic device with heat dissipating electromagnetic interference shielding structures
9,215,832 Liquid-cooling module and electronic device using the same
9,215,831 Heat dissipation system
9,215,830 Electronic component enclosure visual shield and method
9,215,829 Electronic device
9,215,828 Server case assembly
9,215,826 Electronic devices having multi-purpose cowling structures and a compass mounted on a flex circuit
9,215,825 Gas insulated switchgear
9,215,824 Server and indicating tag of the same
9,215,823 Electronic control apparatus
9,215,822 Base station
9,215,821 Electronic device
9,215,820 Practical multi-purpose color-coded flash drive organizer with compartmentalized separate memory sectors for enhanced efficiency and better effective anti-confusion performances in global personal, educational, professional, business and organizational works
9,215,819 Housing for accommodating electric and electronic components
9,215,814 Electronics assembly divider plate
9,215,812 Support body, method of manufacturing support body, method of manufacturing wiring board, method of manufacturing electronic component, and wiring structure
9,215,811 Method for manufacturing multi-piece substrate and multi-piece substrate
9,215,810 Wiring base plate and method for manufacturing the same
9,215,808 Motherboard with connector for extender
9,215,807 Small form factor stacked electrical passive devices that reduce the distance to the ground plane
9,215,805 Wiring board with built-in electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
9,215,804 Circuit stack structure
9,215,803 Epoxy resin composition and pre-preg, support-provided resin film, metallic foil clad laminate plate and multilayer printed circuit board utilizing said composition
9,215,802 Wiring substrate and multi-piece wiring substrate
9,215,801 Via-holed ceramic substrate, metallized via-holed ceramic substrate, and method for manufacturing the same
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