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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Surface technology, coating

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,662 Electrode manufacturing method
9,214,661 Electrode manufacturing method
9,214,376 Substrate mounting stage and surface treatment method therefor
9,214,372 Substrate processing system, carrying device and coating device
9,214,363 Coating and developing apparatus, coating film forming method, and storage medium storing program for performing the method
9,214,256 Carbon nanotube-transparent conductive inorganic nanoparticles hybrid thin films for transparent conductive applications
9,214,179 Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
9,212,785 Passive isolation assembly and gas transport system
9,212,561 Layer system comprising an nicocraly double protective layer with differing chromium content and alloy
9,212,437 One-piece fiber reinforcement for a reinforced polymer combining aligned and random fiber layers
9,212,431 Silicon single crystal pulling device and graphite member used therein
9,212,430 Method for the electro-addressable functionalization of electrode arrays
9,212,429 Gold plating solution
9,212,428 Steel sheet for container and method of manufacturing the same
9,212,427 Cyanide-free electrolyte composition, and method for the deposition of silver or silver alloy layers on substrates
9,212,426 Rust preventive oil composition
9,212,425 Article having a relatively soft support material and a relatively hard decorative layer and also a method for its manufacture
9,212,423 Steel sheet for container use with excellent organic film performance and method of production of same
9,212,422 CVD reactor with gas flow virtual walls
9,212,421 Method and apparatus to reduce contamination of particles in a fluidized bed reactor
9,212,420 Chemical vapor deposition method
9,212,419 Sputtering target for forming wiring film of flat panel display
9,212,418 Al-Ni-La system Al-based alloy sputtering target
9,212,417 Coated article with low-E coating having titanium oxide layer and/or NiCr based layer(s) to improve color values and/or transmission, and method of making same
9,212,416 Low temperature carburization under soft vacuum
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