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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Organic fine chemistry

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,638 Material for organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescence device including the same
9,212,381 Methods and compositions for labeling polypeptides
9,212,363 RNAI molecules with non-watson crick pairing based on artificial mutation consensus sequences to counter escape mutations
9,212,362 Compositions for use in treating or diagnosing bone disorders and/or cardiovascular disorders
9,212,360 Human micrornas and methods for inhibiting same
9,212,328 Apparatus and method for converting biomass to feedstock for biofuel and biochemical manufacturing processes
9,212,320 Production of chemicals and fuels from biomass
9,212,287 Low-emission hardener for epoxy resins
9,212,263 Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same
9,212,200 Nanostructure having metal nanoparticles and method of assembly thereof
9,212,199 Catalyst compounds
9,212,196 Hypophosphorous acid derivatives having antihyperalgic activity and biological applications thereof
9,212,195 Monophosphite ligands having a carbonate group
9,212,194 Functionalized particles and use thereof
9,212,192 Bicyclic carboxamide inhibitors of kinases
9,212,188 Method for producing alicyclic diepoxy compound
9,212,187 Nitrogen-containing compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
9,212,179 Compositions and methods for the treatment of metabolic disorders
9,212,176 Polyketal adducts, methods of manufacture and uses thereof
9,212,174 Certain β-dihydrofuran derivatives
9,212,172 Preparation of crystalline bazedoxifene and its salts
9,212,171 Ethynyl compounds
9,212,170 4-alkanoylamino-3-pyrazolone derivative
9,212,169 Benzimidazole derivative and use thereof
9,212,168 Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
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