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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Micro-structural and nano-technology

Patent NumberTitle
9,212,055 Aligned, coated nanowire arrays for gas sensing
9,212,052 Packaged microphone with multiple mounting orientations
9,212,050 Cap and substrate electrical connection at wafer level
9,212,048 Hybridly integrated component and method for the production thereof
9,206,350 Composition comprising quantum dot, and device using same
9,206,038 Capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer and method of singulating the same
9,206,034 Micromechanical component having a bond joint
9,206,032 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) chip
9,201,042 Architectural layout for dilution with reduced wastage in digital microfluidic based lab-on-a-chip
9,199,837 Acoustic sensor and method of manufacturing the same
9,194,882 Inertial and pressure sensors on single chip
9,193,585 Surface modification using functional carbon nanotubes
9,193,580 Barium titanate nanowire their arrays and array based devices
9,193,132 Highly oriented graphene structures and process for producing same
9,190,657 Method for synthesizing nano scale electrode materials using an ultra-fast combustion method, and nano scale electrode materials synthesized by the method
9,188,873 Substrate having etching mask and method for producing same
9,187,330 Tubular nanostructure targeted to cell membrane
9,187,329 Microparticle organization
9,187,317 MEMS integrated pressure sensor and microphone devices and methods of forming same
9,187,310 Wafer-level packaging of a MEMS integrated device and related manufacturing process
9,181,087 Flat back plate
9,181,085 Method for manufacturing printed product by aligning and printing fine particles
9,181,080 MEMS microphone with low pressure region between diaphragm and counter electrode
9,180,519 Three-dimensional nanostructures and method for fabricating the same
9,180,484 Magnetically responsive photonic nanochains
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