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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Materials, metallurgy

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,813 Method for recycling of obsolete printed circuit boards
9,214,320 Inert-dominant pulsing in plasma processing systems
9,214,275 Method for manufacturing grain oriented electrical steel sheet
9,214,180 Glass substrate for information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
9,212,572 Sintered valve guide and production method therefor
9,212,555 Method for removing the coating from a gas turbine component
9,212,433 Polymethylpentene conjugate fiber or porous polymethylpentene fiber and fiber structure comprising same
9,212,413 Metal matrix ceramic composite and manufacturing method and application thereof
9,212,412 Lean duplex stainless steel excellent in corrosion resistance and toughness of weld heat affected zone
9,212,411 High strength steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
9,212,410 Steel rod and high strength steel wire having superior ductility and methods of production of same
9,212,409 Mixture of powders for preparing a sintered nickel-titanium-rare earth metal (Ni-Ti-RE) alloy
9,212,406 Valuable metal recovery method
9,212,405 Wire rod, steel wire, and manufacturing method thereof
9,212,302 Method for producing zirconia-reinforced alumina grains, in particular abrasive grains, and grains produced by such method
9,212,099 Heat treated ceramic substrate having ceramic coating and heat treatment for coated ceramics
9,212,098 Blend for the production of a refractory material, a refractory material, a method for the manufacture of a refractory material, and use of a substance as a sintering aid
9,212,096 Building brick comprising a porous material, the microstructure of which is controlled by the addition of a nucleating agent during the process of preparing same
9,212,094 Polycarboxylic copolymer, cement dispersion agent, cement admixture, and cement composition
9,212,093 Hybrid magnesium cement and method of manufacture
9,212,092 Portland limestone calcined clay cement
9,212,091 Method and additive for increasing early strength
9,212,087 Glass-ceramics composite material
9,212,086 Chemically resistant glass composition for the manufacture of glass reinforcing strands
9,212,085 Glass-ceramics composite material
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