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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Macromolecular chemistry, polymers

Patent NumberTitle
9,214,692 Poly(benzimidazole-co-benzoxazole) and method for preparing the same
9,214,635 Anthradithiophene-based semiconducting polymers and methods thereof
9,214,255 P-doped conjugated polymer electrolyte and an organic electronic device using the same
9,212,314 Solvolysis of biomass using solvent from a bioreforming process
9,212,300 Reactive hot melt adhesive
9,212,298 Adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
9,212,284 Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same
9,212,283 Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same
9,212,281 Blends of polyarylene ethers and polyarylene sulfides
9,212,280 Redispersible polymer powder mixtures for use in dry-mix formulations
9,212,279 Microemulsions and fluoropolymers made using microemulsions
9,212,278 Method for making a high impact polystyrene with high gloss and high impact strength
9,212,276 Modified conjugated diene rubber, method for producing same, and rubber composition
9,212,275 Tire with tread comprised of functionalized elastomer and pre-treated silica
9,212,274 Rubber composition, rubber composition for tire side use, crosslinked rubber composition and tire
9,212,273 Elastomer formulations
9,212,271 Preparation of molecular imprinted polymers by cross-linking
9,212,269 PMI foams with improved mechanical properties, in particular with increased elongation at tear
9,212,268 Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film and method for producing same
9,212,266 Hydrophilic gels from polyalkylether-based photoinitiators
9,212,265 Master mixture composition including a peroxide
9,212,262 Compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers
9,212,261 Polymers, their method of manufacture and use thereof
9,212,260 Polymers of 8,9-dihydrobenzo[
9,212,258 Amphiphilic dendron-coils, micelles thereof and uses
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