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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Food chemistry

Patent NumberTitle
9,212,401 Treating biomass to produce materials useful for biofuels
9,212,316 Serial deconstruction of biomass
9,212,315 Methods for biomass deconstruction and purification
9,212,104 Organo-catalytic biomass deconstruction
9,211,037 Magnetic smoker box and packaging therefor
9,211,032 Method and a system for producing foamed milk
9,211,031 Egg cooking system
9,210,949 Method and means for extending the shelf life of food products
9,210,948 Par-baked and milled coffee beans for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements
9,210,947 Infant formulae and their preparations
9,210,946 Potato piercing apparatus
9,210,945 Animal food having low water activity
9,210,944 Physical method for maintaining freshness of vegetables and fruits via technology of optical signal and optical signal generator
9,210,941 Continuous process for making a pita chip
9,210,940 Rye flour imitation
9,210,916 Method of altering the nutrient composition of feeder insects
9,210,910 Lettuce variety multired 54
9,210,909 Soybean cultivar 5321250112
9,210,908 Soybean cultivar S130092
9,210,907 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH587056
9,210,906 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH322021
9,210,905 Soybean cultivar 37083371
9,210,904 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH606161
9,210,903 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH603745
9,210,902 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH991116
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