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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Environmental technology

Patent NumberTitle
9,213,112 Neutron radiation sensor
9,213,110 Imaging system using independently controllable detectors
9,213,107 Ion induced impact ionization detector and uses thereof
9,213,105 Gel dosimeter for measuring radiation dosage and manufacturing method therefor
9,212,824 Filter unit for an extractor hood
9,212,779 Pump having diagnostic system
9,212,636 Filter
9,212,614 Thermal management for regenerating an aftertreatment device
9,212,613 Method of controlling an exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine
9,212,606 Bird strike prevention device for jet engine, and airplane incorporating the same
9,212,595 Structure of exhaust system for CDA engine
9,212,594 Structure of exhaust system for CDA engine
9,212,593 Structure of dual exhaust system for CDA engine
9,212,592 Exhaust sensor
9,212,590 Internal combustion engine having an exhaust gas system
9,212,588 Exhaust gas treatment device, E.G., exhaust gas catalytic converters and particle filters
9,212,587 Exhaust throttle control for aftertreatment system thermal management
9,212,586 Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine
9,212,585 Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
9,212,584 Method for operating an internal combustion engine, and control unit set up for carrying out the method
9,212,583 Air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engine
9,212,582 Exhaust gas purification system and method for controlling the same
9,212,581 Method and device pertaining to cooling of dosing units of SCR systems
9,212,580 Method and device for determining a starting time of a regeneration process for regenerating a diesel particle filter
9,212,579 Muffler for vehicle
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