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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Chemical engineering

Patent NumberTitle
9,215,791 Particle beam system and pattern data generation method for particle beam system
9,215,789 Hybrid plasma source
9,214,680 Platinum and platinum based alloy nanotubes as electrocatalysts for fuel cells
9,214,279 Ultrafine metal oxide particle dispersion liquid and ultrafine metal oxide particle thin film
9,213,242 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
9,213,021 Self-unlocking fluid-tight connector
9,212,994 Fluorescence detector, filter device and related methods
9,212,988 Liquid concentration detector for a blood purification apparatus
9,212,980 Fluid processing and control
9,212,850 Vacuum storage method and device for crystalline material
9,212,849 Air separation method and apparatus with improved argon recovery
9,212,672 Hydraulic system de-aeration device
9,212,589 Honeycomb filter
9,212,576 Filter device
9,212,470 Quick release hose guide
9,212,451 Two level electric resistance heater and method of use
9,212,440 Natural wool pile fabric and method for making wool pile fabric
9,212,404 Preparation method for stainless steel slags and steelworks slags for recovery of metal
9,212,403 Topcoat
9,212,402 Aldehyde scrubbing in crust leather and tanned leather
9,212,324 Hydroprocessing catalyst, preparation method thereof and use of same
9,212,318 Catalyst for the conversion of plastics to olefin and aromatic products
9,212,306 Methods for using improved urea hydrochloride compositions
9,212,157 Catalyst for the oxidation of o-xylene and/or naphthalene to phthalic anhydride
9,212,106 Renewable olefins from a mixture of acetic acid and propionic acid
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