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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Biotechnology

Patent NumberTitle
9,213,040 Microfluidic cartridge for separating target molecules, and separator and method of separating target molecules using same
9,213,034 Multiplex immunoassays for hemoglobin, hemoglobin variants, and glycated forms
9,213,031 Use of Cbl as biomarker for identifying subject suitable for treatment with anti-c-Met antibody
9,213,028 Method and kit for rapid isolation of human Foxp3+ Treg cells
9,213,025 Tissue engineered model
9,213,024 Microfluidic devices for measuring platelet coagulation and associated systems and methods
9,212,985 Detecting objects
9,212,978 Cytoblock preparation system and methods of use
9,212,400 Torque teno virus diagnostics
9,212,399 Biological specimen collection and transport system and method of use
9,212,398 Cross priming amplification of target nucleic acids
9,212,397 Compositions and methods for detecting nucleic acid from mollicutes
9,212,395 Haplotype tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms and use of same to predict childhood lymphoblastic leukemia
9,212,394 Assays for single molecule detection and use thereof
9,212,393 Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
9,212,392 Normalization of polymerase activity
9,212,391 Method for determining DNA fragmentation in microorganisms
9,212,390 In situ hybridization method and buffer
9,212,389 Versatile thermal detection
9,212,388 Direct quantitative PCR absent minor groove binders
9,212,387 Method for detection of genes targeted by microRNA
9,212,386 Enzymatic cleavage based lateral flow assays
9,212,383 Biological detection system and method
9,212,382 Human gastrointestinal stem cell-derived primary intestinal epithelial cell system and methods of use thereof
9,212,379 Nutrient monitoring and feedback control for increased bioproduct production
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