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Recent Patents in Chemistry / Basic materials chemistry

Patent NumberTitle
9,213,198 Display apparatus, automotive display apparatus, and method for manufacturing the display apparatus
9,213,130 Azo compound and salt thereof, and dye-containing polarizing film comprising the compound or salt
9,212,987 Alcoholic compositions with improved properties and methods for evaluating interaction of the compositions with surfaces
9,212,551 Chemical scavenger for downhole chemical analysis
9,212,342 Wrinkle reducing and deodorizing dryer sheet and methods of making and using
9,212,341 Compositions for degreasing hard surfaces
9,212,340 Polymer-cleaning composition
9,212,339 Cleansing composition
9,212,338 Organosilicones
9,212,337 Colored flame candle and manufacture thereof
9,212,336 3-methyl-benzofuran-5-ol and its use in perfume compositions
9,212,335 Equilibrated dynamic mixtures to control the release of perfuming aldehydes and ketones
9,212,334 Methods of processing ethanol byproducts and related subsystems
9,212,333 Dispersant, dispersion, method for adjusting viscosity of dispersant, mobile device, surface treatment agent, electrolytic solution, separator, and rechargeable lithium ion battery
9,212,331 Additive mixture for the bactericidal and anticorrosive additization of fuels
9,212,330 Process for reducing the viscosity of heavy residual crude oil during refining
9,212,329 Use of hexylene glycol fuel additive containing boric oxide
9,212,327 System and process for producing fuel with a methane thermochemical cycle
9,212,326 Hydrohalogenation of vinyl terminated polymers and their functionalized derivatives for fouling mitigation in hydrocarbon refining processes
9,212,325 Diesel fuel production during lubricant base oil hydroprocessing
9,212,323 Liquid-full hydrotreating and selective ring opening processes
9,212,322 Selective separation of Heavy Coker Gas Oil
9,212,321 Process for recycling hydrogen halide to a reactor comprising an ionic liquid
9,212,319 Enhancement of Fischer-Tropsch process for hydrocarbon fuel formulation in a GTL environment
9,212,317 Conversion of organic matter into oil
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